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“RL Welding pot haulers are that good even a child can pull pots with them.”

“Anyone looking for a pot hauler talk to Rob at RL Welding these are the best put together haulers I’ve seen and used.I own one and would recommend to anyone looking for a hauler to get one of these.”

“Great day on the water for the Middle of winter. Fresh scallops and flake for dinner. Thanks to RL Welding the 4+ foot 25kg gummy was easy to wind in on the hauler…”

“Well RL Welding that pot hauler can pull a Cray”

“My Boat catch is the best thing I have put on my Whittley, pot hauler are a great looking bit of kit too…”

“The boat she look much easier on the eye now than a few weeks ago. .. very happy. Thank you once again for your outstanding quality of work!…”

“Fantastic job thanks guys, has to be the neatest welds I have ever seen thanks again!!”

“Rob and his team have done numerous jobs on my Riv and the work and service has been top class“

“Hi..please pass on my thanks to Rob for getting this done this week.  It is a work of art”

“… Mint set up by RL Welding ”


“… 12 months with mine and will never have another boat without one, strong, simple and effective.”


“… they are so good to use I couldn’t be with out one with 3 young kids…”

“… boat catch installs. Been running out in a Carribean the last coupla days and loading the big beast has been, at the most, 90 seconds in the water at the ramp and then out. You don’t even get out of the car when loading!”

” … Loving the new boatcatch solid bit of gear, Thanks Rob for a quality fit works a treat!  ‪#‎everyboatneedsone “


“Can’t rate the boat catch highly enough I don’t know how we did with out it. Drive straight on bang it locks and we sit in boat and get towed out. No need for safety chain as it is rated higher than the chain and catch is bolted and glued to boat far better than the manufacturer's eye you put the chain and hook to. So that makes the boat more secure to the trailer. Easy with the kids it’s about 4 or 5 things I don’t have to do.  No more jumping out over the bow with the motor going holding her up until I hook it up. It’s awesome love it and can’t believe why anyone with a boat wouldn’t have one. I think they even come in a mini size for smaller boats. Thanks to Rob and the boys at RL Welding”

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At RL Welding, we believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

We only use quality materials and products in every job we undertake.

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