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Boatcatch -The revolutionary launch and retrieval system.

Slipping and sliding on the boat ramp is now a thing of the past.

Boatcatch™ was invented and designed by Australian commercial abalone diver and former mechanical engineer Greg Staples who wanted to get his boat into and out of the water faster, safer and hassle free.

As Greg said: "Before Boatcatch, people had to launch and retrieve just as it was done over 50 years ago.  Boatcatch modernises this task.  Your boat can now be taken off or locked on in seconds and no one needs to stand on a slippery boat ramp or risk having a hand or finger jammed as the boat moves on the trailer."

RL Welding can supply and fit the high strength, 100% marine grade stainless steel Boatcatch to your boat and trailer.


What are the advantages of Boatcatch?

Launch and retrieve with ease.

Boatcatch™ is a unique coupling device that allows you to quickly and efficiently launch or retrieve your boat onto its trailer without setting foot on the ramp. Have your boat off the trailer and ready to go in under 20 seconds.  Boatcatch means no more delays on the boat ramp.

Boatcatch is positive locking.

Boatcatch uses a solid pin to "positive lock" your boat onto the trailer. We do not use hooks as they can unhook on ramps that are not smooth, or if your boat is moved around by waves whilst on the trailer.

Boatcatch is 100% marine grade steel.

Boatcatch is made of the highest quality marine grade stainless steel (316) providing a very attractive and sturdy quality product.

Safe & stress free.

No more stepping out onto slippery boat ramps and putting yourself at risk of injury or humiliation.  Boatcatch makes it a safe and stress free experience.

Boatcatch is available in two sizes.

Available in two different sizes to suit both small boats under 6 metres long and large boats 6 metres and over in length to a maximum weight of 8 tonne (16,000lb).

High Quality.

Boatcatch is an incredibly strong and robust product that comes with a lifetime warranty. With only three moving parts, it requires little maintenance and being highly polished, Boatcatch is a very attractive accessory to any trailer boat.

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